Beluga Restaurant

Restaurant of The United Company «Restaurants Of Rappoport» on the second floor of the Hotel National Moscow with a fantastic view on The Red Square
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GQ Restaurant Rating 2017

The high title was given to Beluga by the authoritative Russian restaurant critics only six months after its opening, and the restaurant has only strengthened its position by receiving many professional awards. The offer is truly unique: two dozen varieties of caviar, outstanding Russian delicacies, an elegant and ingenious version of modern Russian cuisine of chef Anton Kovalkov, one of the world's largest vodka lists, all available in Russia sorts of champagne, a stylish interior and at the same time reasonable prices.
Dumplings under light consume with white mushrooms and thyme
Saddle of lamb with stewed eggplant and herb salad with pomegranate
Viziga broth with fried pies and pickled radish
Salad with smoked salmon, poached egg, vegetable confetti and red caviar
Borsch with duck, black garlic and «crumpet"
Porrige of emmer wheat and pearl barley with a smoked deer and a girasol
Crab salad with «Almond stracciatella» and kohlrabi
Sandwich on black bread with bottarga of a kefila
Just caviar
Ossetra classic caviar
Ossetra «grey» caviar
Ossetra mild-cured caviar
Ossetra granular caviar
Ossetra mild-cured not unpasteurized caviar
Almas ossetra caviar
Sturgeon pressed caviar
Sturgeon caviar paste «Astrakhanka»
Sterlet Astrakhan caviar
Sevryga mild-cured caviar
Beluga pearl caviar
Beluga imperial caviar
Beluga «Black Pearl» caviar
Beluga Iranian caviar
Pink salmon caviar
Pacific steelhead trout caviar
Red salmon caviar
125009, Moscow, 15/1 Mokhovaya street, bld. 1, (Hotel National Moscow, 2d floor)

Workings hours: 12.00 - 00.00
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